Orangeville Residences


The Orangeville Residences is that iconic and ingeniously conceived development made up of 4 blocks of apartments comprising of 32 units of 3- bedroom homes, located adjacent the Lekki Peninsula Scheme 2 Project. This development delivers a unique living experience and offers a relaxing and luxurious retreat in the heart of the Lekki-Peninsula.

Consisting of three comfortable bedrooms (each ensuite), well-spaced sitting room and dining area with a superb fully-kitted kitchen and a maid’s room, this grand apartment offers a flawless experience of luxury living to the discerning investor and property enthusiast. Each apartment comes finished with very high standards and modern amenities.

This project adorns one of the most prestigious areas of Lagos and Nigeria – “The Lekki-Peninsula”. Coupled with the humongous opportunities that abound in this vicinity, the Lekki-Peninsula has created massive residential and commercial real estate opportunities, making it a magnetic hub. The Orangeville Residences is a chic edifice spreading across three floors which blends modern attitude with traditional delight to create contemporary living with high specification facilities. Worthy of mention here is our bespoke living room/dining room which was crafted with your extra cosiness in mind.

If you are looking for a unique living experience with all the perks of a home, then Orangeville Residences is a blessing undisguised!

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